Student finance

Going to university or college is one of the biggest investments you can make. Do you know how much it is going to cost and what help is available? The links below will help you find the information you need.

Most students do not need to pay any tuition fees up-front, as you could be eligible for a Tuition Fee Loan. There are also grants and loans to help with living costs, such as rent, food, books, transport and entertainment.

It is likely that different institutions will charge different fees for similarly titled courses. Therefore it is important that you are clear on how much you will be paying for the course prior to submitting an application.

To find out more we recommend you regularly check the UCAS website and Student Finance England

You can also follow Student Finance England at or

You can also find out about the National Scholarship Programme at GOV.UK


UCAS Extra

An additional choice is available if your son or daughter needs it.

If your son or daughter has been unsuccessful with all five of their choices, or if they decided to decline all their offers, they needn’t wait for Clearing. UCAS Extra is their opportunity to apply for a new course and it’s available now.

Your son or daughter will know whether they can use Extra because they’ll see the option to add an Extra choice in UCAS Track. If they are eligible, it’s important for them to think carefully about what they want to apply for before they enter the details in Track, as they can add only one choice. However, if the university or college turns them down before Extra closes they will have the opportunity to add a new choice.


Consider options

Research is just as important now as it was when your son or daughter first applied. They should take time to look at the courses with vacancies in Extra, and decide which they would like to apply for.

They can find out about each course using Course Search on the UCAS website. Those with vacancies are listed with an ‘x’ alongside them. They may want to apply for similar courses to before, although they don’t have to. Their Extra choice can be any course they like, although the university or college they choose will see their original personal statement and reference, both of which will probably talk about their suitability for their original choices.

If your son or daughter originally applied for very competitive courses, they might want to consider some related or alternative subjects. They should speak to their teachers, careers advisers or the universities and colleges themselves for help on this.


Check course availability

Once your son or daughter has found a course they want to apply for, they should get in touch with the university or college to check whether there are still vacancies. If there are, they can add the details of the choice in Track. UCAS will then send their application to the university or college for them to consider.

If your son or daughter is offered a place, they can choose whether or not to accept it. The deadline for doing this will appear in Track. If they do accept an offer, they are committed to it, which means they can’t apply anywhere else. If they decline an offer, or the university or college decides not to make an offer, they can apply for a different choice through Extra – providing there’s still time. In this case their Extra button in Track will be reactivated. They can also apply for a different choice if they haven’t received a decision from their Extra choice within 21 days of applying to them.

Extra isn’t the last opportunity to secure a place for this year. If your son or daughter isn’t holding an offer by mid-July then they’ll be eligible to use Clearing once they have their exam results. This is another opportunity for them to apply for courses with vacancies, once the universities and colleges have confirmed the places they’ve offered during the year.


Parents’ guide to university

As a parent, you’re likely to be one of the most important and trusted sources of information and advice to your son or daughter when they’re applying to university.

Click on the link above to access the free 24 page guide containing everything you need to support your child – from university choices to student finance.



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