Priestley Education and Training Trust

The Priestley Education and Training Trust has made a difference to the lives of dozens of young people and continues to do so.

It was set up with the aim of supporting students’ educational aims and objectives through grants, donations and other payments. Few who were involved at the time could have imagined how far-reaching and varied its impact would be.

So far PETT has helped a young man whose dream is to represent his country in the Tokyo Paralympics, a soprano who needed support when studying abroad and another former student who went to South America to teach in an impoverished area.

Everyone the charity supports is either a former or current student with aspirations of continuing their education in some way or have aspirations that either inspire others or will make a difference in the world. It has also supported athletes who have been asked to pay to represent their country in sport.

Not only are we very proud of the charity, but also the people it helps as they show what exceptional young people study at Priestley College every year.

If you are inspired to support the teaching and training trust, you can do so by posting a cheque made payable to Priestley Education and Training Trust or PETT. Send it to Damian McGuire, Priestley College, Loushers Lane, Warrington, WA4 6RD.

You can also support PETT by purchasing through Amazon via the link below. We earn a small commission from every sale, but it costs you no more.

Support PETT through amazon

We hope you will be able to help us in supporting many of our students as they progress through their education.

For further information regarding PETT please contact email


Erin’s talent took her all the way to a performance at The Vatican and she has since written, and performed, her own one-woman opera at the Edinburgh Fringe. She received money from PETT to help her pay for further studies in Florence.


Ben Callander received £2,000 in two annual payments – one to help him pay for a racing wheelchair and the other towards training costs. Ben is hoping to represent the UK at the Tokyo Paralympics.

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