Physicists pass the test

YOUNG physicists who tested their mettle against peers from around the world scooped bronze medals in the competition.

Josh Waldron and Niall Walmsley, who both study Physics at Priestley College, were among 1,606 students from the UK and overseas schools with a further 2,000 taking part in China.

“It seemed like a good opportunity to challenge myself, and to familiarise myself with tougher physics problems,” said former Sir Thomas Boteler pupil Josh, who also studies Maths, Further Maths and History.

“What made the questions difficult was they were unlike anything we’ve seen in class and required you to think outside of the box.”

The British Physics Olympiad Competition is a flagship event run by Oxford University. Its aim is to inspire top physicists and those who are able to develop their scientific skills.

“Every question requires a different perspective to get the measure of it,” said the competition organisers.

“This fluency in recognising topics and linking ideas is, in part, what develops the physicist’s confidence and mastery.”

Priestley College’s entrants spent time practising the challenging papers ahead of the test alongside their regular studies.

Tutor Tory Mullineux said she was proud of those who took part.

“Not only were they awarded a medal, but they gave up their free time willingly to give this competition their best,” she said.

“From a college perspective this is just one of the ways we seek to stretch and challenge our students beyond their regular lessons in order to help them reach their full potential.”

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