Pre Med

Our Pre-Med Course is an established enrichment which supports students applying for Medicine, Dentistry and degrees linked to the healthcare profession.

Students are prepared for Medical school applications, interviews and UKCAT/BMAT.

The course also supports students wishing to enter medical research and degree courses at leading universities.

Pre-Med will also offer the following:

  • Provide support and opportunities for students to arrange work experience at local hospitals, care homes, charity shops and hospices.
  • Work with Russell Group universities such as Manchester and Liverpool University to deliver hands on workshops and specialist lectures including Speech Therapy, Audiology and Pharmacy.
  • Medical workshops include, First Aid, Suturing, bandaging and human physiology.
  • Lectures by leading academics, doctors and consultants in the medical field ranging from Orthopaedic/neuro/plastic surgeons to Psychology Lectures delivered by Oxford University.
  • Medical Summer Schools at leading Universities and Healthcare weekends hosted nationally, which can be heavily discounted or free for some of our students.
  • Work with Oxford University on projects throughout the year with a minimum of three interactions and at the end of the first year, mock interviews are also held with Oxford Researchers.
  • Mentoring by former Priestley students currently studying Medicine, Dentistry and various other healthcare degrees.
  • In groups, research, debate and discuss current medical issues and understand the importance of the NHS and medical ethics.
  • Students will also develop and further understand the important characteristics required for successful healthcare workers such as integrity, teamwork, cultural competence etc.
  • Initiate and lead the annual STEM Christmas fundraising campaign.
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