Cherry Bhimagunta

Former School :Lymm High School

Subjects at Priestley :A-Levels in Sociology (B), English Language (B), Psychology (C), Law (D), Spanish Entry Level Certificate

Destination :Undergraduate degree in Anthropology & Journalism Studies at the University of East London

“Studying Sociology at Priestley was the first step in making me realise what my goal was. It was my first introduction to the deconstructing of society and to concepts such as marxism, functionalism, feminism etc, all of which were key elements to my bachelor’s degree and now my masters degree. I still have a few handouts and notes from lessons that I look through every now and again to remind me of a few things!

I like that the curriculum was taught to us in a very engaging, easy to understand way at Priestley.

I think Humanities subjects are a great way to gain an understanding of the world around us and develop analytical skills. Studying at Priestley really peaked and developed my interest in the subject allowing me to leave with a solid understanding of everything I’d learned.”

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