Erin Alexander

Former School :Bridgewater High School

Subjects at Priestley :BTEC Performing Arts and A-Level Music

Destination :BMus (Hons) in Classical Vocal Performance at the University of Chichester

ERIN Alexander is now a soprano who has performed at the Vatican and won more than 26 national awards at prestigious festivals.

After studying at Priestley College she went on to secure her BMus (Hons) in Classical Vocal Performance at the University of Chichester and a Bachelor of Music in Vocal Performance.


She has since returned offering masterclasses to Priestley’s current cohorts.

During her return to college she told students how studying Performing Arts at Priestley had prepared her for success.

“The fact I have training in dance and acting has really helped me to stand out,” she said. “The training has helped my posture and stage presence so much.”

Erin discovered her talent for singing aged 15 while she was at Bridgewater High.

Until then she had thought singing was something ‘everybody could do’ and hadn’t realised how exceptional she was.

Once she did, there was no looking back.

“It was like a light had been switched on,” she said. “Finally I was interesting and had found something that I excelled in.”

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