Graham McKnight

Former School :Penketh High

Subjects at Priestley :Drama, English Language, Film and Media Studies

Destination :Stage Manager of the Royal Opera House in Manchester

Graham’s passion for production arts developed during his time at Priestley College where he took A Levels in Drama, English Language, Film and Media Studies.

He quickly developed an interest in working behind the scenes on the college’s ambitious productions.

“The skills were there but as a kid I was easily distracted,” said Graham, who is now 27.

“After two years I wasn’t ready for uni so stayed on at Priestley and it helped me to confirm the direction I wanted to go in. The tutors at Priestley are great at spotting the potential in young people and they were pivotal for me at that time in my life.”

After securing a BA Joint Honours Degree in Technical Theatre and Drama at the University of Cumbria, Graham went on to become the master carpenter on the international stage version of War Horse.

He is now stage manager at the Royal Opera House in Manchester.

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