Jack Bartrop

Former School :Bridgewater High School

Subjects at Priestley :Public Services Level 3 Extended Diploma and AS-Level Physics

Destination :Yipiyap tutor of Maths and a Special Constable

Jack decided to take a gap year after college and started work as a Yipiyap tutor of Maths in a high school.

He has received offers from Chester University to study Policing starting September 2017 and hopes to become a Police Constable and move up in the ranks or specialise within the Police.

During his time at Priestley, Jack was supported by a tutor to prepare his university application and was given a reference.

“Mo was the tutor and he also pointed me towards Yipiyap. If he didn’t highlight the opportunity for me I don’t think I would be in the position I am in now,” said Jack.

“I would recommend Priestley because the tutors I had the pleasure of meeting were really helpful and genuinely care and offer their help to those students who want for it.

“There is always someone to help and the tutors can always spare some time to talk over things I didn’t understand the first time round. Ensuring I got the best grade within my ability.”

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