Leon Cave

Former School :

Subjects at Priestley :Geography, Psychology and Music

Destination :Currently performing with Status Quo

Leon Cave is now in one of the world’s most famous rock bands.

Leon tours with Status Quo after dreaming of being in a band when he was younger.

As a five-year-old he would stare at the latest Iron Maiden artwork and listen to their music, only briefly taking a break to play with his Lego.

His parents realised he had musical talent and arranged for him to have drumming lessons at eight-years-old. Leon later joined Priestley College, attracted by its reputation and the music course that was available.

He studied A-Levels in Geography and Psychology, but it was predictably in Music where he excelled.

“It really helped me because the course covered a lot of music theory that is extremely useful to this day,” he said.

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