Philip Thomas

Former School :Penketh High School

Subjects at Priestley :A-Levels in Economics (A) History (A*) Law (A*) Government & Politics (A*)

Destination :As a trainee solicitor at Baker & McKenzie LLP in London

After Priestley, I graduated with First Class Honours in Law from Durham and a distinction in Legal Practice at the University of Law in London.

I believe the Professional Studies department at Priestley helped me to achieve this thanks to the academic and practical support they offered.

Tutors prepared students for exams, meaning lessons were always directly relevant to the outcome so the content / format of exams was never a nasty surprise.

Lessons were always interesting and engaging and tutors enthusiastic about their subjects.

We also benefitted from talks by people from different legal backgrounds, links to a Manchester law firm and taking part in mock trial competitions.

These activities enabled me to demonstrate to universities and employers that my desire to pursue a legal career was genuine.

Since leaving Priestley I have met people from all around the world and from all walks of life and, from talking to them about their educational experiences, I can honestly say the academic and practical support provided by Priestley is unparalleled.

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