Priestley College phone app is a hit

Beth Roberts shows off the Priestley app. Picture by Luke Hayes.
Beth Roberts shows off the Priestley app.
Picture by Luke Hayes.

A PHONE app that helps support for Priestley College students has so far been downloaded more than 1,000 times.

The app, which provides lesson alerts, exam timetables and attendance records, has proved a hit with 1,433 downloads so far – 70% of the college’s students.

“It has been popular with students who have told us they can’t think of any new functions they would add to it,” said Lead Systems Developer Lee Dyer, who helped develop the app.

“It’s been a very positive move and hopefully the students are seeing the benefits.”

Priestley’s Student Council requested the app saying that was how many students would want updates on vital college news.

Chris Turner, who studied Computing, Electronics and Maths A Levels at Priestley, was asked to help with the design.

The former Penketh High student led on the project and is currently studying Computer Science at the University of Manchester.

“As a former student I am best placed to know what the current intake at Priestley would want from it,” he said.

“What we have developed is something I could have benefitted from as a student and will hopefully make a difference to thousands of others over the coming years.”

Among the functions offered are a five-minute alert for next lesson, timetable details, UCAS information and their personal attendance record shown as a percentage.

Up-to-date information about exams is also posted to the app so that students know exactly what room they are in and what seat they will need to take.

Developments in the next version of the app will include a personal diary for logging homework as well as a college calendar with events and term times.

Lee Dyer said a number of other colleges had been impressed with Priestley’s app and wanted to learn more.

“We had a meeting with other IT departments and they were impressed with the functions ours offered,” he said.

“The main goal of the app is to provide another way of supporting our students and making their time at College as comfortable and enjoyable as possible.”

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