Priestley judged the best in courtroom drama

Mock TrialPRIESTLEY has won a battle of words and minds with students from three other North West colleges.

The A-Level Law students – who all hope to work in the legal profession – won the prestigious Sixth Form Mock Trial Competition defeating Calday Grange Grammar School, Birkenhead Sixth Form College and Barrow Hall College.

A judging panel of lay magistrates decided Priestley’s contingent excelled as they took on various roles in a courtroom scenario organised by the Warrington Magistrate’s Association.

“On the day our entire team performed superbly and rose to the challenge of a real courtroom situation,” said Priestley Law Tutor Christian Oliver.

Throughout the competition students took on a variety of roles including lawyers, witnesses, ushers and legal advisors. Each was assessed by the lay magistrates who focussed on the professionalism of the students.

The experience supports students’ A-Level work and all eight team members are on Priestley’s pre-legal programme, which develops their skills and prepares them for law-related degrees.

“We were told by the panel of judges the overall standard in this year’s mock trial competition was the highest they had ever seen, which made the victory even more pleasing,” said Christian.

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