Priestley student scores one of the best marks in the country

James with Tutor Melanie McHale

AN ECONOMICS student from Priestley College has secured one of the highest marks in the country in a recent exam.

James Anderson, 18, learnt this week that he finished in the top 1% in the ifs School of Finance Certificate in Financial Studies.

“I knew I had got an A but didn’t realise I was in the top 1% in the country,” said James.

Joining James in the top 1% of the 7,000 who took the exam, was former Priestley student Phillippa Robson.

Martin Day, Vice Principal at the School of Finance, wrote to James, Phillippa and Priestley’s Principal Mike Southworth to congratulate them on their achievements.

They have both been awarded a £750 scholarship if they choose to study one of the School of Finance’s degree programmes.

A further £750 will be awarded to James if he achieves excellent marks in his Diploma in Financial Studies.

James, who attended Bridgewater High School, is now hoping to go to the London School of Economics.

He is currently studying economics, geography, business and finance at Priestley College.

“I want to be an investment banker because I want to be living in the city and like the look of the lifestyle,” said James.

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