Priestley tutor takes his film to Cannes

EVERY May the Cannes Film Festival attracts the greatest talents in the industry as some of the year’s major movie releases are seen for the first time.

This year Priestley College Media Tutor Thomas Houston and fellow Producer Dane Jones will be amongst those showing a film when they screen  ‘Now I Am Become Death’ to the festival on May 22.

“I don’t think we will be watching the film ourselves because this opportunity is going to give us access to people in the film industry,” said Thomas, who is from Golborne.

“We will be trying to meet distributers and financiers because I already have another idea for a movie that I’d like to pitch.”

Thomas and Dane’s film will be showcased in the Cannes Short Film Corner, a section of the festival dedicated to encouraging emerging talents.

“Inventive, often incredibly gifted, free and without constraints, shorts have forever carried high the values of Cannes,” said festival director Thierry Frémaux.

“Providing a space in which upcoming generations can emerge is essential and is also one of the very purposes of the festival.”

‘Now I Am Become Death’ is set in the year 2040 when the world has split into East and West and is at the height of a second cold war.

An impending oil crisis drives tensions between the two sides as both seek the upper hand. Western leaders stand divided over what course of action is best – war or appeasement.

Thomas wrote the script over two years ago and originally planned it is a stage play, but as the story evolved it became clear it was suited to a different medium.

Filming began in June 2015 and finished in early March 2017.

“Given all that is going on in the world right now it seems like a timely film,” said Thomas.

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