Roman Emperor brought to life by visiting academic

augustus-speakerHIS legacy was the Roman Empire and his story has been told time and again.

However, students at Priestley College gained new insight into the life of Augustus Caesar last week during a discussion with Dr Peter Morton of the University of Manchester.

The lecturer visited college to share his views of the man who avenged Julius Caesar and led the republic as a military dictator.

Priestley’s A-Level Classical Civilisation students heard how Augustus avenged his adopted father’s death and used this to justify has ruthless actions.

They also saw images of Augustus who was portrayed by artists and sculptors as a young man until the day he died in 14AD.

“As he gets older he remains a picture of eternal youth,” said Dr Morton.

Students of Classical Civilisation study ancient societies and cultures, religions and the characters of the times.

They hear from many experts over the two-year course and have the chance to travel abroad to further their knowledge and understanding.

Tutor Chris Lee said hearing from different speakers and travelling made a difference to their studies.

“It just helps to bring everything to life,” he said.

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