Science Laboratories


The College has invested over £150,000 to create three new laboratories. These new facilities boast a range of high-tech equipment and facilities including fume cupboards and University standard analytical balances. An additional four very well equipped science laboratories offer state-of-the-art, university-standard apparatus for Biology, Chemistry, Electronics, Physics, Applied Science and Science in Society students.

The Chemistry and Applied Science Departments utilises two large, fully refurbished, flexible laboratories. The layout of the laboratories can be changed to cater for the activity taking place. The laboratories have computer access and there are six Analytical Balances of university standard.


The Biology Department has two large laboratories, which includes Photo and Video Microscopy facilities with a wide variety of slides and there is also a greenhouse annexed onto one of the laboratories. There are computers in the laboratories with data-logging facilities. In addition extensive resources for field study, and facilities, which cater for a wide variety of practical activities, are also available.

Priestley has a well-equipped laboratory with a resident network computer and a 10″ reflecting telescope and data logging equipment. The electronics lab is well equipped with specialist benches and test equipment and has access to oscilloscopes and signal generators.

 To support the aim of outstanding teaching and learning, the area also has a suite of wireless laptops that can be used in any teaching room which allows innovative and varied teaching and learning opportunities for both staff and students.

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