sportWe are especially proud of the great range of sporting opportunities that we provide for everyone. These range from local, regional and national competitive sports through to one-off, fun sessions for the whole college community.

Sport Development Centres

For the top performing sportsmen and women we offer a range of Sport Development Centres including:

• Men’s Football

• Women’s Football

• Rugby League

• Netball

• Mixed Hockey

• Basketball


sport3These have been organised to establish a high level of coaching, performance and understanding of your chosen sport. They aim to provide you with the opportunity to develop personal performance by coaching and/or competing in a range of competitions.

You will get additional practical teaching each week during the relevant competitive season and represent the College in home and away fixtures. However, you will need to continue to stay on track with your studies to keep your place in the Development Centres.



sport2Sport Coaching, Fitness and Leadership Qualifications   

These qualifications are run alongside your main programmes of study to enhance your opportunities to develop relevant skills that will support your progression into the sport industry or university.

They include:

• Certificate in Exercise and Fitness

• Community Sports Leaders Awards

• ASDAN Community Volunteering Award

(worth 50 UCAS points)

• National Governing Body Coaching and Officiating

Although these programmes are open to all students you will be selected on the basis of your practical ability, commitment and enthusiasm. All those hoping to take on the role of coach, mentor or official will need to apply for CRB clearance.

These practical qualifications will give you the essential experience employers are asking for and demonstrate determination, motivation and commitment over a period of time that will help to set you apart from others.


Duke of Edinburgh Award

PRIESTLEY College is a centre for the world’s leading achievement award for young people. As an operating authority for the Duke of Edinburgh Award we can independently run the gold, silver and bronze courses.

“It means we can run our own programme, but obviously working within the guidelines of the Duke of Edinburgh scheme,” said Head of Sport Nigel Howells.

“We are finding that for some students the Duke of Edinburgh is one of the reasons they choose Priestley and now we will be able to fit it in around their studies.”

Soccer Scout USA


Priestley College has teamed up with Soccer Scout USA to give you the chance of securing a football scholarship in America.

Tutor Dan Jordan, who has coached football in the US, said Priestley might even set up an annual American football tour if there was enough interest from students.

“A scholarship in America is an opportunity for them to be treated like a professional footballer whilst developing themselves academically by studying on a degree programme,” he said.

“More money is put into sport at that level than in the UK so they could be enjoying flights to their matches, benefitting from physios and psychologists as well as playing in front of crowds of thousands.”

Footballers at Priestley College will be able to create their own profiles on Soccer Scout USA’s website and upload videos of their skills.

Scouts in America use the website to recruit from England because the talent pool is so much stronger here.

Peter Antoniades, of Soccer Scout USA, will also visit Warrington to see the young players for himself.

Dan, who has previously coached across the Midwest, said there are as many opportunities for young women as there are for men in America.

“In terms of the general population it is a more popular sport for women than for men who tend to go into baseball, basketball or American football,” he said.

A four-year scholarship in America could see students pay much reduced university fees, however fully-subsidised education cannot be guaranteed.

Places will be competitive and no student will be certain of a spot abroad, but it is a new opportunity to create a career break in the sport.

Education remains a high priority for all applicants as the scholarships require success on and off the pitch.

So far, 20 students have shown an interest in pursuing the American dream and Dan believes they have the talent to succeed.

“A lot of our players have the potential to go far,” said Dan.


If you have any questions about Soccer Scout USA email Dan at

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