Soccer Scout USA

Priestley College has teamed up with Soccer Scout USA to create opportunities for students to apply for scholarships across North America. The partnership has the following benefits:

  • Opportunity to take part in an American tour
  • Chance to be scouted by American coaches
  • Help creating profiles on Soccer Scout USA website
  • Visits to Priestley by Soccer Scout USA coach

Tutor Dan Jordan, who has coached football in the US, said: “A scholarship in America is an opportunity for them to be treated like a professional footballer whilst developing themselves academically by studying on a degree programme,” he said.

“More money is put into sport at that level than in the UK so they could be enjoying flights to their matches, benefitting from physios and psychologists as well as playing in front of crowds of thousands.

“In terms of the general population it is a more popular sport for women than for men who tend to go into baseball, basketball or American football.”

A four-year scholarship in America could see students pay much reduced university fees, however fully-subsidised education cannot be guaranteed.

Places will be competitive and no student will be certain of a spot abroad, but it is a new opportunity to create a career break in the sport.

Education remains a high priority for all applicants as the scholarships require success on and off the pitch.

Joe Salter

Former college football captain Joe Salter is now playing at St Ambrose College in Iowa after completing the Priestley Soccer Scout USA programme.

Before leaving for America he explained he was looking forward to the opportunity that lay ahead.

He said: “The approach over there is different to the UK because you train like a professional athlete at the school and colleges’ level,” he said.

Scouts watched videos of Joe in action in matches at Priestley College. Once he impressed enough he had to prove his academic capabilities by passing the English and Maths exams required to be accepted into an American college.

“At the college level you can be playing in front of thousands of people so it will be a great experience for me,” he said.

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