Spanish students head to MMU

University trips are vital part of helping our students transition to the next stage of their education.

Here, Spanish student Louise Fairclough briefly explains what she took from a recent Spanish visit to MMU.


On the 1st November 2016 four languages students from Priestley College went to Manchester Metropolitan University for a Spanish language day.

The day involved attending several talks about various aspects of the Spanish language, such as when to use ‘ser’ instead of ‘estar’ and the subjunctive tense, and also the opportunity to attend an Italian language taster session.

We also received a booklet containing valuable information to help us with our A level studies, and though the group was a mix of AS and A2 students we were all able to learn something valuable and relevant to our courses.

Overall the day was extremely useful and highly recommended for those studying Spanish, as we were able to extend our knowledge of the language and ask questions about areas we were unsure about, as well as finding out more about studying languages at university.

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