Stepping back in time

ARCHAEOLOGISTS visited one of the most historic sites in Europe on a recent field trip.

Students from Priestley College saw the Minerva Shrine – a Grade I listed building – in Chester and earlier walked the city walls.

The shrine to the Roman Goddess is the only monument of its kind in Western Europe that remains in its original location.

It fitted in with Priestley’s AS Level Archaeology course, which sees the students studying Religion and Ritual in the Roman World.

“This kind of field trip is important because it really brings the history to life,” said Tutor Geraldine Walker. “The students enjoyed it and were asking very intelligent questions throughout the trip.”

Students also visited the amphitheatre and St John’s Church to highlight how architecture has changed over the years. At the Grosvenor Museum they got a closer look at some Roman tombstones.

Later in the course Priestley’s young archaeologists will also visit Hadrian’s Wall.

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