Student complaint procedure

There may be occasions when you wish to make a complaint about some part of the college’s services. In the normal course of events, the complaint should be made to the person concerned directly, but if you feel it is too difficult to do that, you have a number of alternatives and it is up to you to choose the most appropriate means of making yourself heard:

  • the Student Council will voice any general complaints on your behalf and you are guaranteed anonymity.
  • your personal/progress tutor will listen to, and act upon, any complaint you make. Your personal tutor will act on your behalf and will guarantee anonymity if you so wish – it should be noted that anonymity may, in some circumstances, make it impossible for the complaint to be dealt with adequately.
  • you may speak or write to any other member of staff of the college, including the Vice-Principal (Curriculum and Standards); it is not normally a good idea to complain directly to the Principal of the college, as the Principal will almost certainly be involved in any appeal against a decision, should any matters reach this stage.
  • you may ask another person, usually most appropriately your parent or carer, to complain on your behalf by contacting the college. Every member of staff is bound to treat any complaint you make seriously and to do what she or he can do to remedy the situation or refer you to someone better equipped to do so.
  • If students want to appeal any decision they should go through the students appeal procedure, which can be found in Student Services.
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