‘Superstars’ rewarded

PRIESTLEY College announced its Superstar award winners this morning.

Every half term 12 students are rewarded for their achievements – one student from each curriculum area.

The honours go to students who have made excellent progress in their studies, played a vital role in the college or gone above and beyond to help others.

Students who have made an outstanding contribution to the community and enrichment at the College are also rewarded.

Each teacher nominates a ‘Star’ who has made excellent progress before the curriculum managers nominate the ‘Superstars’ who receive a gift and certificate from the principal in front of all staff.

A ‘Star’ earns 20 points for the Senior Tutor Championships and a ‘Superstar’ is awarded 50 points.

Among this half-term’s Superstars were Meesha Singh for her efforts studying the International Baccalaureate.

The former Culcheth High School pupil, who is planning to study economics at university, said about studying the IB: “You get to learn about different cultures and get a world perspective on everything.

“It prepares you well for university and gives you the chance to study a lot of different subjects, which helped me as I didn’t know what to focus on when I came to College.”

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