Students’ fresh outlook for household brand

Priestley students have been asked how they would help rebrand a 146-year-old household product.

The Graphic Designers were given the challenge of repositioning Horlicks in the market as part of their BTEC course by the drink’s UK brand holder Aimia Foods.

Their task was to tempt a new audience to drink Horlicks, which is traditionally seen as a beverage for the older generation.

Student Louie Thompson (pictured), who also studies A-Level Fine Art, developed campaigns that would see Horlicks marketed as a supplementary drink for schoolchildren, another emphasising its health benefits and third tapping into the idea of recycling of old trends.

“I really liked how I was able to interact and share my ideas with Horlicks and the advertising company as I was given specific feedback that helped improve my project,” said the former Bridgewater pupil.

“Working with a real client has taught me it is great to have ideas and concepts, but you need to be able to tailor them to target audiences and markets for them to actually sell and gain attention successfully.”

Horlicks is a sweet malted milk hot drink developed by the brothers James and William Horlick in 1873.

During World War II it was sold as energy-boosting tablets and in the 1948 London Olympics it was given to all the competitors as a bedtime drink as well as during actual sporting events.

However, it is now having to re-establish itself as a drink for everyone and not just the over 65s who have become its core customers.

Phil Coffin, an account director with Aimia Foods’ marketing agency N2O, said: “We enjoyed working with the students who came up with some original ideas that were really impressive.

“It’s great to hear from some younger minds and, who knows, we might be back in touch to develop some of their ideas further.”

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