Questions for House of Commons leader

POLITICS students from Priestley College met the Leader of the House of Commons on Thursday and questioned her on some of the day’s big issues.

They enjoyed the Liverpool John Moores Roscoe lecture by Andrea Leadsom called ‘The #MeToo wake-up call’ but it was afterwards they managed to question her in person.

“We stayed behind in the hall to take some pictures and she came over to answer some questions from us,” said former University Academy Warrington pupil Lucy Bretherton, who also studies Economics, Geography and Spanish.

“We had our picture taken with her and asked questions about Universal Credit and the impact of the #MeToo movement in Parliament.”

Andrea Leadsom is the Cabinet minister responsible for overseeing the progress of Government legislation, as well as leading on and shaping the major projects of Parliament.

Following the #MeToo scandal she secured cross-party consensus to establish an Independent Complaints and Grievance Scheme, and continues to push for further reforms so that everyone in Westminster can be treated with dignity and respect.

Just last week she delivered a huge boost to Prime Minister Theresa May by supporting the Brexit agreement.

Politics Tutor Jenny George said: “We try to bring politics to our students in any way possible, but for them to speak to a politician at the heart of Government at such an extraordinary time was a great experience.”

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