Students rock their Geology exams

TWO Priestley students put in a faultless performance in Geology papers scoring 100% on questions about global tectonics.

Matthew Allen and Daniel Owens then went on to achieve 90% and 83% respectively in the second module putting them on course for a stunning A-Level result next summer.

“I thought it was a tough paper so I was very surprised by my results,” said Matthew, who previously studied at Altrincham Grammar School for Boys.

Matthew, who also studies Maths, Chemistry and French, is planning to read Geochemistry at the University of Manchester after finishing his A-Levels.

His 100% score came in a module exploring earth movements on a global scale, plate tectonics and the origins of the world.

This week Matthew, who also speaks Chinese, said the beauty of studying Geology was increasing his understanding of the world around him.

“When you go to the beach or see a hill in the countryside what I love is that Geology tells you how those things were formed,” he said.

“I chose to study Geology of Geography because the more scientific approach of the subject suits my way of thinking.”

In his second module Matthew scored 90% while Dan, who previously studied at Sir Thomas Boteler, also impressed with 83% when taking into account coursework results.

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