Study hints and tips

  • Don’t rely on your memory alone to remember what needs to be done. Make a note before you forget and keep all of this information in one place.
  • Set priorities and deadlines for yourself and be realistic in estimating how much time it will take to complete each task.
  • Try to do one thing at a time and learn to stick to the job. There is nothing worse than being halfway through a number of different pieces of work and not being able to see how they are all going to get finished. Plan to get the job done.
  • Don’t postpone unpleasant tasks – set a timetable and stick to it. Give yourself a small reward when you have finished something.
  • Don’t let problems mount up. Seek help from your tutors and if you don’t understand something, say so. Your tutors are there to help you to learn.
  • Make a weekly timetable of your work. In your timetable give yourself at least one complete day off at the weekend. You should be studying for at least 15 hours outside the classroom. With this in mind you should not accept part-time employment which will stop you doing this.
  • EXOP (Extended Opportunity): The LRC remains open until 6pm Monday to Thursday to allow students access to study, with support if required.
  • SORTED! – The Study Support Team are available to any student requiring help with work, study or general organisation at any time during the college day (until 6pm Monday to Thursday).
  • Make sure that you use the non-taught time in college. Use the resources in the LRC. Make a realistic allocation for each area of your course. There will be a lot of reading for some courses and this needs to be planned for.
  • Use your time efficiently – don’t try to write a long assignment in bursts of 20 minutes. Set aside a long period of time for it.
  • Always review your work after each day. This helps you to remember it. If there are things which are not clear make a note and ask your tutor about them in the next lesson. Don’t imagine it will come clear later. If it doesn’t, you may not understand the work which follows.
  • Please see the Exams section of our website for exam essentials and revision tips.
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