‘The Woods in the Hall’

PRIESTLEY College’s main hall was transformed into a magical woodland for a performance by drama students.

Wood chippings covered the floor, rigging allowed it to rain and a tree canopy was created from camouflage netting to provide the students with the most authentic of settings for their A Level exam.

“It is the final thing they do on their course and they took their inspiration for a 30-minute piece from woodlands,” said Tutor Mark Edgington.

“You could do the same piece of theatre in a black room with a couple of lights, but I believe if you create a professional environment for the students they will raise their game.”

‘The Woods in the Hall’ contained a range of stories along the theme of cults.

In one set piece the actors end up in a pool of water and look to the heavens as rain falls down. Production Arts students were heavily involved in creating the stunning sets.

Adding to the ambience further were the park benches that were provided for members of the audience to sit on.

“It was quite hard hitting and we’re very proud of the pieces the students devised,” said Mark.

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