Time to reflect in New York

STUDENTS from Priestley paid their respects to victims of the 9/11 terrorists attacks during a residential to New York.

The young people from Priestley College lit candles at St Paul’s Chapel during a tour of Ground Zero in Lower Manhattan.

The guided walk also took them to the Westfield World Trade Center shopping mall, which replaced a previous complex that was destroyed in the attacks in 2001.

However, the main purpose of the visit was for Performing Arts and Media students to take inspiration from Broadway performers during a workshop.

There was also the chance to visit a Broadway show and take in other cultural highlights around the city.

“It is an inspirational trip with the workshops being extremely educational as well,” said Head of Performing Arts Sarah Graham.

“We take the students every year because they always come back energised, with new ideas and a fresh outlook that makes a huge difference to their work.”

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