UK’s top university lecturers praise Priestley students

Dean McRoberts who was praised for his efforts in the essay competition.
Dean McRoberts who was praised for his efforts in the essay competition.

SOME of the UK’s top university lecturers have praised a group of Warrington students for their deep thinking and writing skills.Lecturers from Oxford, Cambridge and York complimented the Priestley College learners on their assignments, which were judged to university standards.

Dean McRoberts, who is 17 and from Cadishead, was told his essay reached the level expected of an undergraduate despite him being in his first year at Priestley.

“I spent hours on the research and it has really given me an idea of what will be expected of me at university,” said Dean, a former Culcheth High School pupil.

Priestley’s essay competition gives high-flyers the chance to test their abilities against university standards.

Each student produces an essay that is set – and marked – by one of 10 of the UK’s top universities.

Those who take part are on the prestigious Graduate programme, which aims to prepare Priestley students for entry into these universities.

Priestley Senior Tutor Mark Salmon said: “Taking part in this competition gives students – such as Chris Hammond who has gone on to read Medicine at Oxford – the confidence of knowing they are capable of achieving university standards.

“It is an opportunity we provide that is unrivalled among other colleges and has grown from one university being involved in its first year to 10 now.”

As well as marking the Priestley essay papers lecturers visit the college in Loushers Lane to offer guidance to students aiming for university.

The partnerships have also resulted in visits from Priestley classes to the universities to get a feel for what awaits them.

Speaking about the students whose work he marked, University of York lecturer Tom Hartley said: “I’ve been very impressed by the standard of work that was achieved by Priestley’s students.

“They showed a great ability and awareness of what will be expected of them at university.”

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