NEW 19-08-20: For the latest updates from UCAS on A-Level results etc please go to > UCAS updates

10-08-20: RESULTS DAY – you can read our letter to students and parents regarding results day here > Results day letter

27-07-20: Ofqual has published a student guide for those receiving qualification results in England this summer. This guide will help you understand how results have been awarded this year and where to find more information > click here

Students will be in regular communication with their teachers.  They will be able to pass on their email address if you have a query.  Alternatively, you can email collegework@priestley.ac.uk and we will forward on your question to the relevant member of staff.

We are encouraging and supporting continued learning at home during this time, in line with the guidance both from Ofqual and from all the exam boards.  This is so that when learners return to school or college, progress to HE, an apprenticeship, or work, they have the knowledge and skills they need to continue with confidence.  We also recognise the benefits that learning and a structured day have on general health and wellbeing.

Every student is being set online learning materials either through google classroom or moodle.  This should take them approximately the same number of hours as they would normally be taught each week for that course. If students are not completing their work as expected, or in a timely or appropriate manner, teachers have been asked to email parents to let them know. In serious cases, progress tutors will be informed and they will be contacting you on the behalf of the teachers.

For our first year AS students, who intend to return to continue their A-Levels in September, we will be ensuring they complete the course so they are fully prepared for Year 2. We will be taking the same approach for those on vocational programmes. They will be expected to complete the course so that they can be ready for next year.
This is the guidance we have given students…
A-Level and GCSE Students

Ofqual’s recent guidance makes it clear that A Level and GCSE students are no longer required to submit any additional work to inform final ‘calculated’ grades.  However, if you are unhappy with the calculated grade you receive, you may wish to sit an exam in September, so it’s important that you complete the full course syllabus. It is also important to complete your course to ensure there are no gaps in your learning when you progress to university or to employment.


AS Level Students

If you are studying an AS Level subject and intend to return to continue to A Level in September you will need to complete the full course and syllabus to ensure that there are no gaps in your learning as you embark on Year 2.  Although this will require completing work until summer, this cannot improve the grades we will estimate for you during the grading process as set by Ofqual.


Vocational Students

Although Ofqual have not yet issued final guidance about how grades will be calculated for students taking general, vocational or technical qualifications, you are encouraged to continue to complete your coursework to ensure that there are no gaps in learning that may impact on your progression.  If you intend to return to Priestley to progress to Year 2 in September, you will need to complete the full first year course to ensure that there are no gaps in your learning.

All external assessments in May/June have been cancelled.  We are still waiting for the details of how students will be awarded their final grades.  We will update these FAQs once we know more.  In the meantime, we are ensuring that students are being encouraged to continue completing their online learning materials and coursework.  This will put them in the best possible position for progression in September.

Revision materials and guidance are being made available to students – although there are no formal written examinations this summer, this revision material should be used to consolidate their learning of each topic in order to support their progression. Preparing revision resources is a meaningful activity that will substantiate good habits.

They can communicate with all their usual teachers via google classroom and email. If they require specific support that would be better over the phone, they can let their teacher know.  If they have a more general query, they can email collegework@priestley.ac.uk if it is course related, or studentwellbeing@priestley.ac.uk for pastoral support.

Please email directly to studentwellbeing@priestley.ac.uk  and we will ensure the appropriate staff are informed and records are updated.

All students have been instructed to join their relevant Google Classroom group at the start of the academic year.  During this time we will continue to communicate key tutorial messages via these Google Classroom forums to students.  The codes for your son/ daughter’s relevant Tutorial Google Classroom group are below:

Level 2 Tutorial Classroom: 2qpuchy

Level 3 Year 1 Tutorial Classroom: jjvi45u

Level3 Year 2 Tutorial Classroom: x5icn6a

For answers to more Frequently Asked Questions please also visit: https://www.priestley.ac.uk/sixth-form/faqs/

FAQ answers correct at time of publication – Tuesday 23 March 2020

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