Wolves team up with Priestley to inspire students

ONE of Warrington’s greatest institutions has worked with Priestley College to inspire its graphic designers.

Warrington Wolves challenged the BTEC students to create a marketing campaign for a varsity match between Priestley and Warrington and Vale Royal College.

Neil Kelly, a director with Warrington Wolves Charitable Foundation, said some of the ideas were so good they may be used in future by the club.

“This wealth of ideas would cost a lot of money normally and I am sure there are certain ones we can progress with,” said Neil in his feedback to the class.

“I took something from each of the presentations and hopefully you did as well. I liked the process because this is the kind of experience you will have in industry.”

As part of their research for the match students visited the Halliwell Jones stadium and heard from Neil about the club’s history and achievements.

They used this new-found knowledge to develop ideas to market the match, which aimed to bring the town together for a fun North vs South contest.

Student Daniel Mercer, a former pupil at Great Sankey High School, said: “It was a fun and useful experience to see how a designer may present ideas to a client. The experience was made extra special by working with a brand as big as Warrington Wolves.”

Among the nuggets that came from the process was the creation of a ‘Wire Wolf’ celebrating both the club and Warrington’s industrial heritage.

Other iconic aspects incorporated into the students’ marketing campaigns were the Golden Gates and the River Mersey.

Quirkier ideas included using the Polar regions to represent North vs South – complete with mascot bears and penguins – while another students suggested including a water fight at the match, drawing on the fact a borehole sits under the stadium.

Tutor Paul McConnell said: “I was so proud of all the students who took part. They came to life during their presentations, which is one of the most difficult things to do because it is almost like baring your soul.

“They came up with some imaginative ideas and impressed everyone who was involved with the brief.”

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